Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We love Gold

Naomi Murrell Lattice Bangle
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Naomi Murrell: The story of a Jewellery Designer

Naomi Murrell is an Adelaide based Jewellery Designer. She studied Graphic Design at the University of South Australia and graduated in the year 2000. After graduating she traveled for a year visiting places such as China, Hong Kong and Indonesia. After returning back to Adelaide, she started her creative journey with a screen print art exhibition, followed by a fashion themed art show, and working; designing kid’s products. 

The lady behind the label: Naomi Murrell
Having a degree in Graphic Design, along with a huge interest in fashion and jewellery, Naomi decided to venture out on her own and start a jewellery label in 2008, fittingly named ‘Naomi Murrell’. Starting of with timber laser cut pieces, the label started to grow, and now stocks a range of pieces made from a few different materials. Only 5 years after starting this label, Naomi Murrell pieces are stocked in over 80 stores and galleries around Australia as well as in stores overseas, in countries such as New Zealand, Singapore and Paris. This little label is certainly making a big splash nationally and internationally, Naomi mentioned that attending trade shows and the simple but powerful route of word-of-mouth has really helped boost the sales presence.

The message behind the Naomi Murrell label is serenity, tranquillity, peace and good vibes. When asked what inspires Namoi, she stated that she just wants to make beautiful pieces that people will connect with and want to keep for a long time. She said she uses inspiration boards and pinterest to keep her ideas in one place.

The Naomi Murrell team consists of Naomi Murrell herself, her partner in life and work, Dave Stace, Dave works on the web design aspect of the business and an assistant.

Dave and Naomi

Naomi explained that the business started of very organically, and with no business plan in place, using her own knowledge and a lot of research Naomi has been able to build her business into something that creates a livelihood for herself and her partner.

 At the moment they have set up their studio at The Mill (angus street, Adelaide), before this they had a home studio. Naomi’s future plans for the label is to possibly have her own shop front, as well as branch out into designing fashion and other accessories.

The studio at The Mill

Myself & Naomi