Monday, March 17, 2014

My Macaron Making Adventure

Last week I had this sudden want to try and make macarons...the need just came to me, I have no idea why! Anyways I had nothing else to do so I thought "why not!" And so began my Macaron Making Adventure....
I started by googling macaron recipes, this is one of the first one's that came up in my search, so I went with it: . I found the recipe to be really simple and easy to follow, the orange macarons below are the product of my first attempt....

They came out surprisingly well, with a crisp outter shell and a chewy center, I was pleasantly surprised, they had a slightly coconutty taste, which made them quite yummy. For the filling I used a simple icing mix, which consists of butter and icing sugar, in an attempt to soften the butter I put it in the microwave for abit too long which made the filling abit runny, but it didn't make a difference to the taste luckily.

After my first attempt turning out well, I decided to have another go, using the same recipe, which I halved and made into two different coloured batches. This time they looked alot more like macarons that you can buy at the shops, but I over-baked them slightly, which made them harder and there was only a slightly chewy center....

 Making macarons is not as hard as we all think they are, so if you love to eat them I really encourage trying this recipe out! Comment below and tell me all about your Macaron Making Adventures

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ladies Day Out will launch The Clothing Exchange

Local wares, local tunes and fashion with a conscience coming to special one-day market

Many women often find themselves staring into an
overflowing wardrobe while thinking they have nothing at all to wear. It’s a modern conundrum, but
one that there is a solution for.
The Clothing Exchange will officially launch in Adelaide during The
Ladies Day Out on Sunday 23 March 2014, presented by K Marie Events.
The clothes swapping phenomenon has been gaining traction across the nation and the globe as a
sustainable alternative to traditional shopping. The Clothing Exchange’s signature brand of swaps,
which see preloved clothes checked in for button ‘currency’ and then set up neatly like a shop, will
take place at 1pm at the Vitalstatistix Theatre Company based in the Waterside Workers Hall. The
stunning venue is located in the heart of Port Adelaide, only a stones throw from the Port River.

The inaugural Adelaide Clothing Exchange will be joined by the Ladies Day Out market featuring local and handmade jewellery, pampering and sweet treats, including Skin Deep Wines providing wine tastings, and live music from Sweet Escape and Jayzee to provide the backdrop to a day that is sure to delight women of any age.
To take part in The Clothing Exchange participants must bring along up to 6 items of clothing (shoes
and accessories are also allowed) that still hold value and are in good condition, clean and pressed –
but no longer wanted for some reason.
The check-in for garments will be open from 11am till 12pm, and swapping will kick off at 1pm. The
market and entertainment will be open from 11 am till 4 pm.
Ladies can come along for a wardrobe update, and stay for good times with friends. What better way
to spend a Sunday!
Tickets are available for a limited time only at the early bird rate of $15 for the Ladies Day Out event
and can be purchased from until sold out. Tickets will also be
available at the event on Sunday 23rd
 March, 2014 for $20.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The "Seacret" for amazing skincare

Recently I was sent a 'Seacret' package, this package consisted of a nail buffer and samples of the Seacret skincare regimen.....I couldn't wait to try these products as I have heard good things about this brand, and after learning that these products contain minerals that can only be found in the dead sea, I was very curious to see why it was supposed to be so good

The skincare samples came in and easy to follow step by step regimen which began with a peeling gel, followed by a cleansing milk, toner, mud mask, serum, eye gel and face cream.....

 The samples lasted me only one (morning/night) application, however I really see a difference in my skin. I suffer from acne scaring and break outs (all the time) so to find a product that really shows a difference is like taking a trip to heaven!!! As you can see below the marks on my face (shown in the left 'before' pic) are considerably reduced (as seen in the right 'after' pic) sorry about the poor quality pics, but I am being completely honest in my review....I think Seacret really works, and I will definitely look into investing in this range for my daily skincare.