Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lauren Bachli: Modelling in Adelaide

Lauren Bachli, 19 years old, studying a Bachelor of Development Studies at Adelaide University, just started modelling quite coincidentally, she explains

“I never thought I would do any modelling, people had said it to me because of my height that I should do it but I was always to shy!

Photography by Michael Errey

The first thing I ever did, which wasn't really modelling, was a hair and beauty competition at the Hilton Hotel which was amazing, for my wonderful friend James Henderson. Thanks to his skills he came third place!! After that, I loved having my hair and make up done and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to give someone a look that they were trying to achieve.

Make up by Melissa Sue Anderson and photography by Farid Shahin; Farid Photography

One day I was on the train and a man came up to me because he noticed my height and asked if I would be interested in going into his bridal house to try on dress's to see if I could be their new model for their gowns. I went in; and I loved it! I have done two shoots with Caleche since, for their stunning gowns and photos were taken by Elle J Photography and Leah McQueen, both of which were fantastic, fun days!

Dress by Caleche, make up by Lavish Hair and Faces and photography by Elle J Photography

I have done my portfolio which I cannot wait to get back, and have also done two other shoots with Farid Shahin and Michael Errey. They were so they could get some shots for their portfolios but also with Farid for his friend Mel Anderson for her make up portfolio. I plan to stick at it! Mainly as a hobby, because it is so extremely hard to get into as a career! But hey, anything is possible!

Dress by Caleche, make up by Lavish Hair and Faces and photography by Elle J Photography

"I enjoy modelling but I also love and admire the skills of photographers, designers and hair and make up artists in the amazing looks that they are able to create!”

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nick Lawrence Photography

Nick Lawrence, 21 years old, speaks his mind by saying "my life lives through many things and avenues, I am christian. I love hardcore but have a passion for most music."

"I started taking photos because I enjoyed it and because it seemed fun, it then grew into a passion and now has become a way of living."

"I begun taking photos at shows that I went to, which then lead to taking photos at clubs around Adelaide, building up my style and audience of viewers. Soon I was shooting for Electric Circus, at that time, arguably the best club in Adelaide"

"Fashion has become my preferred avenue in which to shoot, nothing can beat the beauty of a model mixed with the creativity that goes into a photo-shoot."

"I like to do things that others don't, because where will you go if you are doing what has already been done. This being said, I'm not dumb and don't believe anything I do is groundbreaking, nor does all my work stray away from the line, but I try to not get stuck in the rut and try to explore what I can do with what I have. As for my work, I let it speak for itself and people can decide if they like it or not.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

THIS.IS.EPIC photography

"The sun gives us light, but the moon provides inspiration. If you look at the sun without shielding your eyes, you'll go blind. If you look at the moon without covering your eyes, you'll become a poet." - Serge Bouchard

Renee Boyce, 23 years old, started her journey in her words with 'a small fixed lens SLR and a whole bunch of gorgeous friends!'

" I began my journey to discover the light and love of natural life and the connection each person has with particular objects and their surroundings. From there I've upgraded my camera twice, quit a number of times only to pick my camera up 24 hours later and worked with highly talented musicians, fashion designers, business owners and artistic types".

"The time I spend suddenly turning my head to view a prime location out the car window is excessive. I love to use the natural world where things may have been forgotten for a while or go completely unnoticed. Team this up with my love for fashion, beauty and taking chances and you've got a recipe for THIS.IS.EPIC photography".

Contact Renee Boyce: i.of.the.storm@hotmail.com

Melanie-Joy Steadman: Couture Jewellery Designer

Melanie-Joy Steadman, 25 years old, began life in her as an 'Observer and Translator '.

"I expressed what I saw, via pencil & paper. However as I grew, colour became more and more a major part of my work. I developed a certain style; bold use of colour and outline, combining flora & fauna into my creative portraits. This was not nearly enough! Now I'd discovered my powerful use for colour, I needed to extend that, think of different ways to 'express' it."

"Studying Fashion Design opened my mind to a new 3-Dimensional world, where 2D patterns could become 3-D objects, behaving differently in the dimensions of time & space. Always pushing myself to come up with new, 'original' expressions of creativity, I branched out into jewellery in a serious way! (This had been a hobby of mine for 10 years). When I could not find what I wanted 'out there' the logical thing (so it seemed) was to make it myself! And so that is my journey so far...”

Through her journey she has managed to start her own business 'Melanie-Joy Creations' beginning in 2009, host her first solo exhibition, be apart of numerous statewide exhibitions and win multiple awards and accolades.

Melanie-Joy Steadman Creations are available at:
- 'Candles On Walkerville' Fine Dining Restaurant , 119 Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville
- Tiger Xiu Fashion Design Studio, 419-421 Portrush Road, Toorak Gardens
- Pepper Street Arts Centre, 558 Magill Road, Magill