Friday, May 6, 2011

Adelaide Fashion Label


Stacey Hendrickson, designer and creator behind casper&pearl talks about her fashion label with great enthusiasm:

casper&pearl is a handmade fashion label just starting out in Adelaide, South Australia, for the girl next-door who never wanted to grow up. I am inspired by my childhood (which is where the name originated from) and the innocence and playfulness about it. I picture the casper&pearl girl to be adventurous but feminine, fun loving, sweet and mischevious. casper&pearl is all about dressing up in lace and floral, having a tea party, running through fields and spinning till your dizzy.

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I like to make most of my pieces from vintage fabrics so that when my customers wear c&p they can feel unique and stand out in the crowd knowing that nobody else there will have that same lace dress or sheer skirt. I also pride my label in being all handmade products, it may take alot more time in the long run, but it is definetly worth it to keep the warmth to the label.

My wooden cross necklaces are one of the most popular pieces, and my grandfather cuts them all up for me in his workshop by the hundreds, so it is definetly all home-made orienated. casper&pearl is a casual wear brand aimed for women aged 15-25. I make clothing accessories (headbands, necklaces, rings) and alter vintage pieces. I started the label by selling things over facebook and at the Gilles Street Markets.

Behind the label: My name is Stacey Hendrickson and i am 18 years old. I am in my first year of my fashion design diploma at TAFE in Adelaide. It's early years for casper&pearl but it was definetly a long time coming as i grew up teaching myself how to use a sewing machine and selling home made jewellery at recess at primary school.

I am currently inspired by the 1970's, bohemian everything, pale floral fabrics, vintage lace, shear, innocence, bare backs, pale skin, Isabel Lucas, playing dress ups, chains, anything Alexa Chung wears, collars and camel. Just to name a few things that are pinned up on my wall in my workspace for inspiration.
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My biggest aspiration is for the label, to take extreme heights and push it the furthest it can go. I spend any second i can get designing, drawing, sewing, posting, blogging, and advertising for the brand so it really is my passion. In the next year i am aiming to have a few stockists and a few hundred more happy customers.

Customers in casper&pearl

For more on casper&pearl:!/casperandpearl


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