Friday, August 12, 2011

Adelaide Photographer: Leaf Lin Photography

Leaf Lin, freelance photographer, is 23 years old.

"I love observing the beautiful details in life. I love sunshine, flowers and all nature. I am a happy person who has a positive heart and believes that everything happens for a reason and we can all live once. I love my life simply just taking photographs and discovering the beauty of people and nature. I want to be a photographer in travel."

Photography is wonderful, it is like YOU are building up a castle of wonders

Leaf explains that she has been to places that make her think of how beautiful life is and just being in this world allows her to breath this beauty in and take photos

"I love the feeling of seeing the beauty of life through the camera viewer"

Leafs outlook on life is inspiring in istself, she acknowledges the fact that having life, gives us eyes to find the beauty of our surroundings and record them with our soul

♥ Photography is a business of Happiness ♥

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! I am currently planning a trip to Sydney, I heard that it is beautiful there and that Blue Mountains Sydney are a must see.