Thursday, November 24, 2011

Opening in Adelaide 2011

ZARA opened  its doors in Adelaide today! The Adelaide store is the largest in Australia and one of the biggest ZARA's in the world. We were very lucky to be there and get taken on a tour of the store.

NOVA was stationed in front of the store and recording live, entertaining everyone there for the opening! 

Excited shoppers were lined up outside eagerly awaiting the opening of ZARA Adelaide. Having lined up hours before the official opening time they decided to have a seat as they counted down the minutes to enter the store.

For the media tour, registration began at 7.45am, we were ticked of the list and ready to go!

We were taken on a tour around the huge two-story store, there are 4 sections; Women, Men, Kids, and Basics. The store was filled with statement pieces, as well as layering basics.....colour, romantic lace, nautical patterns and vintage-esque designs were dispersed throughout the store.

The media was front and centre to capture every moment as ZARA opened their Adelaide doors. As 9am approached ZARA staff gathered in front of the doors to welcome their first shoppers into the store.

At 9am, doors were opened and shoppers ran in to begin shopping at ZARA for the first time in Adelaide...most have been awaiting this day for a long time!

The store was filled within seconds!

 All media tour guests were kindly given a ZARA bag with a USB featuring pictures of ZARA's mid-season lookbook.
Overall the opening was a success and it is clear that the store will just get busier and busier, they re-stock their shelves with new stock twice a week...ensuring each time shoppers walk into ZARA they are welcomed with new pieces to add to their wardrobe. 


  1. For more photos, check out:

  2. How fabulous girls! Congratulations on being chosen as one of the lucky few to preview the store before anyone else. So many pretty colours.

    P.S. Looking very sophisticated Mayanthi!

  3. Great post! I've just realised I was in your group (I'm the one in the green dress). :) It was such a great day, but I was so sad I had to go to work straight after the tour and not be able to buy any of the lovely things I saw.

    1. Thanks Lauren! Oh yea i remember you, just had a look at your blog...its really good! :) Hopefully you were able to go back and shop some other time!

  4. Thanks so much Melanie, It was so exciting! :)

    hahaha and thanks for your other comment!