Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Aaron Citti Photography

Adelaide photography at its finest......

Aaron Citti is an award winning, internationally acclaimed, Adelaide born photographer. 

He received a camera when he was 5 years old and spent  most of his childhood taking photos of nature whenever possible. Along with his parents he travelled around Australia, and from these travels Aaron developed an eye, which can take in and understand the raw, beautiful scenes from the Australian outback and turn it into an amazing photograph.

As a teenage he dreamt of  becoming a photographer of wildlife and nature. From his love an passion for photography he has been able to develop his own style over the last 10 years and his dream of becoming an internationally acclaimed and award winning professional photographer is now a reality. 

Aaron loves to travel far-and-wide to capture scenes from places worlds away from Australia, but has found that Australia's backyard is one of a kind and there is no where else that can compare in its beauty.

For more info: http://www.aaroncitti.com

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