Monday, January 27, 2014

Adelaide Beauty Bloggers Social Meet

 As some of you may allready know, I am apart of an amazing group of girls known as the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers. Every month we meet, and for our January meet we gathered at a Korean restaurant called Seoul, nestled away in a side street within the city of Adelaide.

This meet was different to others that we have had in the past in that we were fare-welling one of our blogger friends, and it was also the meet where the head of the Adelaide Beauty Bloggers; Celeste, was stepping down and handing over her massive task to some of our other blogger friends.

It was my first time eating at this restaurant but I highly recommend it, as the food was delicious! I tried a stir-fry chicken dish with steamed rice.....YUM!

It was so nice seeing all the girls, but it was quite sad to say goodbye to Sherry (seen below), as she takes her journey overseas, but we wish her all the very best!

Susan-Fashion Adventurer, Sherry & Myself

Being bloggers, there were so many photos taken throughout the you can see above! :) 

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