Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Adelaide Clothing Exchange

Clothes swapping is a global trend that is gaining in popularity among savvy eco-minded shoppers, and is about to be introduced to Adelaide’s calendar of events. On Sunday 23rd February, the first Adelaide Clothing Exchange Pop-Up event will be hosted in Port Adelaide.

Swappers will be asked to bring along up to six items of clothing they value but no longer want, to swap for ‘new’ items they will treasure. Registration will open at 12pm, allowing swappers to ‘check-in’ their items of clothing. Garments are screened for quality control and then hung on clothing racks in preparation for the madness to come: the official opening of the swap shop floor at 2 pm.

Amongst the racks, swappers never know what they will find - brand name dresses with the tags still on, that perfectly worn in pair of jeans and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces are all common to The Clothing Exchange events, which operate in various locations around the country.
Once satisfied with the items they have chosen swappers ‘check-out’ as they would at any retailer, only without the need to produce their wallet!
The Clothing Exchange Pop-up will be held in conjunction with The Port Rocks Festival at Lighthouse Square (McLaren Wharf) in Port Adelaide, located next to the Lighthouse beside the wharf. The Festival features live music, classic car show, food trucks and more.
The Clothing Exchange was founded by Kate Luckins in 2004 as a sustainable alternative to traditional shopping and a way to reduce fashion waste. The swaps became a regular event following participation in the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2006. Over the years, The Clothing Exchange has attracted the attention of global media and social commentators for being innovative and engaging. In the early days, the events engaged a small community of devoted swappers which has since expanded to a national network of swapping.

Tickets are $15 for the Clothing Exchange "Pop-Up" Event and can be purchased from www.clothingexchange.com.au or at the event on Sunday 23rd Febuary, 2014.

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