Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inside Alice in La-La Fashion Agency

I was invited to Alice in La-La Headquarters for a tour around the office and showroom by casper + pearl designer Stacey Hendrikson.

Alice in La-La is an Adelaide based Fashion Agency (with more popping up around Australia) managing many Australian labels,founded by Alice Fitch, who had a dream of starting her own fashion agency, she first worked from home, but the business soon started to take over and she had to move into what is now the new Alice in La-La HQ located in Hindmarsh. From the outside you would never know what is happening within....from an amazing showroom, to designers and boutique buyers coming in and out minding their own 'fashion' business 

Walking into the showroom was like walking into fashion heaven....there were racks and more racks filled with designer pieces from labels including casper + pearl, Two Sisters, Orbin, Lioness, First Light and many more, as well as an amazing display showcasing Supa Sundays (Adelaide's own and newest designer sunglasses range), along with beautiful designer jewellery by Liberte and Grand Bazaar

Nestled within the showroom was a beautifully designed sitting area, I loved how welcoming it made the space, it made you just want to stay there and go through the lookbooks of each of the designers managed by Alice in La-La

The building is an old bank...which still has the original volt in place, with a black lacquered door leading into the volt, I was told that if that if you go into the volt and the door closes behind you, you can't breathe inside, and you can't get out until someone opens the door! Scary but cool at the same time. It also adds so much character to history to the showroom... 

Volt door

You must check out the lables they manage...they are some of Australia's finest!

Alice in La-La is an amazing Fashion agency and it was surreal to be able to walk through and see such a beautiful office, thankyou for inviting me in Alice in La-La team.

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