Saturday, November 9, 2013

Styled with Success

I have always loved the concepts of inspiration and motivation, so I set out to organise an event where, in some way I could cause someone to be inspired and motivate them to take at least one step closer to achieving their life goals. 
As a blogger I have been to many fashion related events in Adelaide, and over time I have met so many successful women, who are making a living out of their passions....I have always (even before blogging) wondered how one person can start their own business and become so successful, and get people involved who also want to help in creating success for them, so my thought for this event was that I was going to ask some of these successful women I had met to come and tell their stories of success in the hope that they would inspire all of us to do the same. I decided to call the event Styled with Success because not only are these women successful but they are doing what they do in style! 

Styled with Success was on November 3rd 2013, Melbourne based label Coelho sent me this amazing outfit to wear (as seen above). 
The evening consisted of speeches by Rosie Reichstein from Regina Sole Queen (a designer shoe boutique located on King William Road in Hyde Park), Robyn-Lynn owner of Datiro Designs (an ethically sound label creating amazing pieces and shares their location with Regina Sole Queen), Kelly Noble (Owner of Glam Adelaide, Glam Digital, Glam Diary and Glam Baby...I guess you could say she owns The Glam Empire!), Alice Fitch (owner of Alice in La-La Fashion Agency, which manages so many cool labels) & Cristina Tridente (Designer for Couture-Love-Madness and co-ordinator for the Adelaide Fashion Festival). 
When I approached each of these women with my idea, they were all extremely supportive and instantly agreed to be apart of it.....their stories were so inspiring and according to the audience they were all motivational!

Along with some delicious food, guests were also treated to cocktails by The Loft pop-up bar and wines by Connect Vines

Organo Gold was also in attendance providing guests with coffee, mocha, latte, and organic green tea tasting

The evening went really well, with the help of these girls (as seen below). Each of these girls gave their own time to be there and support me in making this event a success....I can't thank them enough. It really shows you how when people really believe in you they will be there and want to be apart of what you are creating.

Styled with Success would not have been a success if it wasn't for those who attended...Thank you to everyone who was there on the evening, I really hope you were all inspired in some way and take this inspiration and turn it into achieving your goals in life. 

A big part of this event was about raising money for Msqaured Charity, which I co-founded along with my friend Mary Liu. We started this charity to raise funds and provide educational supplies for underprivileged children in China and Sri Lanka. To raise money we held a charity raffle, with so many great prizes up for grabs, kindly donated by Muk haircare, Aj Skin Consultants in Hyde Park, Datiro Designs, casper + pearl, Liza Emanuele, and Naomi Murrell.

The evening ended with thankyou's to all the speakers for showing us that it is possible to be a fashion designer, or own your own boutique, or start your own fashion news website, or create a fashion agency, or even give people opportunities that they would not have otherwise had.

Thankyou once again to everyone who was involved in making Styled with Success a success....I hope there will be a Styled with Success 2014! 

Mayanthi x

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