Thursday, May 1, 2014

Benefit Brow Bar Launch in Adelaide

If you have'nt allready seen, Myer (Rundle Mall) have renovated their beauty section, and made it into a very beautiful and sparkling new beauty hall. The Benefit counter is front and centre, with a new addition...their much loved Brow Bar! I was invited to attend the launch, as well as given a complimentary brow tint and wax service....which showed me that they really do take Brows from now to WOW...
During the launch we were given a live demonstration by one of Benefits brow experts.....
They really do provide a full service which involves mapping out the brow, to ensure the arch and length are proportionate to the face, then comes the tint (additional) and makes a huge difference to the final brow look, this is followed by the waxing, Benefit stand for the strong brow and ensure you will not leave with thin brows (unless that is what you want), then comes a little tidy up with the tweezers (if needed) and finally we were shown how the Benefit brow products enhace the look...including gimme brow (which fills in the's like magic!).
The event was amazing overall.....with lots of products to play with and delicious sweet treats
I had such a great time with my friends and fellow bloggers, as seen below, on the left is my friend Susan ( and on the right is Miss Kitty (Benefit Extraordinaire)

So now comes the outcome of my Brow make over....look at the difference! The picture says it all....

 Benefit are such lovely hosts, and so generous, they gave us all a gift bag filled with some amazing products for us to try.
I truly suggest checking out the new Benefit counter and booking in for their brow service!!!


  1. Wow it really does fill in the brows! Wish I could've gone to this fun event :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    1. Yea Sheri the tint really makes a difference to the brow as well as their brow products! :) You should definitely try it out! You should go to the benefit counter and have a play with the products!

  2. i've never been sold on getting my eyesbrow done in 'public' but benefit does sound amazing! will have to give it a go :)
    bon x

    1. The Benefit brow bar is great coz it's not fully out in public, the brow stations are pretty hidden...which is nice! Definitely try it out, especially if you like a strong brow :) I'd love to see how they turn out if you decide to get them done!