Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Westfield Marion Style Lounge

In celebration of their new Style Lounge, Westfield Marion invited some of Adelaide's top fashion bloggers to check out this beautiful new space as well as introduce us to all of the Westfield Stylists 

What a lovely space it was.....decorated beautifully, it is definitely a space that I would want to go to, and I would recommend you check out, if your looking to get some one-on-one styling with a Westfield stylist.
 It is truly like a dream wardrobe....and it's a private, quiet space where you can go to think, discuss and dream all things style.

The evening was hosted by Westfield's fashion ambassador and founder of sheshopped.com; Lucy Cornes. Lucy introduced all of us fashion bloggers to the space and to each of the Westfield stylists and Marketing Manager. I really love how each stylist is different in their own way, and can suit anyone's needs when it comes to style

Steve the Bartender was on hand putting together delicious cocktails....I don't really like the taste of alcohol so I usually take the non-alcoholic option, but I asked if he could make the cocktail with the least amount of alcohol possible, which he did...and it tasted delicious!

Westfield's stylists and Marketing Manager
 I had such a great time catching up with my blogger friends....and we all agree that this style lounge provides and amazing opportunity for anyone and everyone to give themselves a new look or just get some tips about how to add pieces to their existing wardrobe

Emily from Style File Australia, Myself, Jody from Silky Bow and Susan from Fashion Adventurer

We had a lovely evening and we were each given an amazing gift to take home! Thankyou Westfield...we look forward to seeing how the style lounge helps us all when we're in need of some styling updates :)

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