Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Melanie-Joy Steadman: Couture Jewellery Designer

Melanie-Joy Steadman, 25 years old, began life in her as an 'Observer and Translator '.

"I expressed what I saw, via pencil & paper. However as I grew, colour became more and more a major part of my work. I developed a certain style; bold use of colour and outline, combining flora & fauna into my creative portraits. This was not nearly enough! Now I'd discovered my powerful use for colour, I needed to extend that, think of different ways to 'express' it."

"Studying Fashion Design opened my mind to a new 3-Dimensional world, where 2D patterns could become 3-D objects, behaving differently in the dimensions of time & space. Always pushing myself to come up with new, 'original' expressions of creativity, I branched out into jewellery in a serious way! (This had been a hobby of mine for 10 years). When I could not find what I wanted 'out there' the logical thing (so it seemed) was to make it myself! And so that is my journey so far...”

Through her journey she has managed to start her own business 'Melanie-Joy Creations' beginning in 2009, host her first solo exhibition, be apart of numerous statewide exhibitions and win multiple awards and accolades.

Melanie-Joy Steadman Creations are available at:
- 'Candles On Walkerville' Fine Dining Restaurant , 119 Walkerville Terrace, Walkerville
- Tiger Xiu Fashion Design Studio, 419-421 Portrush Road, Toorak Gardens
- Pepper Street Arts Centre, 558 Magill Road, Magill

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