Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lauren Bachli: Modelling in Adelaide

Lauren Bachli, 19 years old, studying a Bachelor of Development Studies at Adelaide University, just started modelling quite coincidentally, she explains

“I never thought I would do any modelling, people had said it to me because of my height that I should do it but I was always to shy!

Photography by Michael Errey

The first thing I ever did, which wasn't really modelling, was a hair and beauty competition at the Hilton Hotel which was amazing, for my wonderful friend James Henderson. Thanks to his skills he came third place!! After that, I loved having my hair and make up done and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to give someone a look that they were trying to achieve.

Make up by Melissa Sue Anderson and photography by Farid Shahin; Farid Photography

One day I was on the train and a man came up to me because he noticed my height and asked if I would be interested in going into his bridal house to try on dress's to see if I could be their new model for their gowns. I went in; and I loved it! I have done two shoots with Caleche since, for their stunning gowns and photos were taken by Elle J Photography and Leah McQueen, both of which were fantastic, fun days!

Dress by Caleche, make up by Lavish Hair and Faces and photography by Elle J Photography

I have done my portfolio which I cannot wait to get back, and have also done two other shoots with Farid Shahin and Michael Errey. They were so they could get some shots for their portfolios but also with Farid for his friend Mel Anderson for her make up portfolio. I plan to stick at it! Mainly as a hobby, because it is so extremely hard to get into as a career! But hey, anything is possible!

Dress by Caleche, make up by Lavish Hair and Faces and photography by Elle J Photography

"I enjoy modelling but I also love and admire the skills of photographers, designers and hair and make up artists in the amazing looks that they are able to create!”

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