Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Nick Lawrence Photography

Nick Lawrence, 21 years old, speaks his mind by saying "my life lives through many things and avenues, I am christian. I love hardcore but have a passion for most music."

"I started taking photos because I enjoyed it and because it seemed fun, it then grew into a passion and now has become a way of living."

"I begun taking photos at shows that I went to, which then lead to taking photos at clubs around Adelaide, building up my style and audience of viewers. Soon I was shooting for Electric Circus, at that time, arguably the best club in Adelaide"

"Fashion has become my preferred avenue in which to shoot, nothing can beat the beauty of a model mixed with the creativity that goes into a photo-shoot."

"I like to do things that others don't, because where will you go if you are doing what has already been done. This being said, I'm not dumb and don't believe anything I do is groundbreaking, nor does all my work stray away from the line, but I try to not get stuck in the rut and try to explore what I can do with what I have. As for my work, I let it speak for itself and people can decide if they like it or not.”

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